Drip Irrigation

Setting up an irrigation system is easier than you may think, follow this guide and you’ll be on your way to automated watering in no time. We have also included an irrigation guide below that was created for our WallyGro products. 

 What to purchase?

  1. Start with the product ordered and locate correlating drip kit. Example: Wally Eco = Wally Eco Drip kit, Wally 1 = Wally 1 Drip Kit.
  2. Order the same number of drip kits as number of products. Example: 10 Wally Eco’s = 10 Wally Eco Drip Kits, 10 Wally 1’s = 10 Wally 1 Drip Kits.
  3. Purchase 1 supply line kit. This kit includes a pressure regulator and 25 feet of 1/4 “ supply line. This is the main line that feeds your product drip kits. The pressure regulator attaches to your water source.
  4. Purchase additional drip line if your water source is farther away than 25ft. Be sure to account the total height of install in distance calculation to water source.
  5. Optional: Purchase a Timer for automated watering. We suggest starting irrigation at 1 minute for 2 to 3 times a week.
  • 1/4 “ supply line can feed a maximum of 50 Wally Pockets or 50 Wally Eco’s; for larger installs, you will need to purchase this kit from Dig Gardens that contains 1/2 “ supply line and connectors. This will replace step #3 above.

Please note, this diagram is interchangeable with Wally Eco; simply run Wally Eco drip kits through slotted holes on sides of plastic planter. 

a. Wally 1 Pocket
b. Wally 1 Drip Kit 
c. Drip kit connectors (barbs, elbows, plus, tees) included in selected product drip kit
d. Pressure Regulator 
e. 25 Feet Supply Line (included in drip line kit) 
f. Drip Timer