Wally Eco 2, 4 and 10 Packs Now Available!


Can I use my own hardware?


While WallyGro recommends using the hardware that is included, we understand that certain applications will require different hardware. Our Wally Eco uses a #8 1 ¼ flathead screw. Use of washers or round head screws will create excess tension between the bracket and basket; these items will damage the Wally Eco and void manufacturers warranty.


 What is the maximum weight load?


WallyGro planters can safely hold up to 30 lbs. An average fully planted Wally Eco weighs between 6 and 10 lbs. Planters should be hung high enough to prevent children from hanging or pulling on the baskets.


 Will my Wally Eco leak through the ventilated front panel?


Our Wally Eco Vertical Garden Wall Planter can securely hold up to a liter of water when poured behind the divider. If water is being poured outside of divider, it can skip over the top of the soil and bleed through the front holes. We strongly advise watering behind the divider, as well as purchasing soil that is not hydrophobic. Wally Eco planters need to be filled past the holes on the divider, no less than two inches from the top of the planter.

For more details on watering, visit our guide.  


What is the life span of your products?


15 years.


How do I return my order? 


If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply return your purchase to WallyGro for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. We do not pay for return S&H. 


Do you guarantee your products? 


Yes, we have a 5 year manufacturer's warranty on our Wally Eco and Wally Pro Pocket living wall planters. These products must be used to spec and not modified in any way. Please contact hello@wallygro.com with any construction issue(s). Please include order number (if possible) and photos of your issue. 


How do I clean the planters?


Wally Eco and Pro Pocket planters can safely be sprayed out and washed like normal. We recommend air drying and not stacking until completely dry. Wally Eco planters are 100% dishwasher safe (we recommend top rack). 


Do I need to add irrigation?


While this depends on the application, for general home consumers, the answer is usually no. Irrigation is wonderful for professional, permanent, and/or large installations, but when hanging a dozen or less planters, it’s quite easy to water by hand. Please contact us for specific irrigation questions.


What do I need to purchase to set up an irrigation system?


Each product comes with its own drip kit; this kit spans the length of one product. For every pocket or planter you purchase, you will need the same number of correlating drip kits. You will then need to purchase a drip line kit, which will be you main connecting line (25ft in length), with a pressure regulator for connecting to desired water source. Drip timers are optional. Example of what to purchase for a 10 Wally Pro 1 installation; 10 Wally Pro 1 Pockets, 10 Wally Pro 1 Drip Kits, 1 Drip Line Kit, and 1 Drip timer (optional). If your water source requires more than 25’ of drip line, then you can also purchase additional drip line (sold in packs of 25’). All drip line kits come with appropriate connectors and plugs.


How often should I run my irrigation line? 


WallyGro has put together a chart for reference on irrigation timing - click here to download. We recommend monitoring plants health weekly and adjusting accordingly. 


Do you replace brackets?


In 2015, we did a recall on all of our brackets, as we began to see failure after 2 years. We worked with our design team to recreate a new bracket with a 15 year life span. If you believe you have defective brackets, please email hello@wallygro.com. Please include a photo of one bracket (front and back), number of planters, color, and full shipping address.


 What type of soil do you recommend?


We recommend a moisture control potting soil. Ground soil is too heavy and will become hydrophobic quickly, often resulting in potential run off and/or lackluster plants.


How often do you recommend fertilizing?


While this is often specific to growing conditions and type of plant, our general rule of thumb is once a month. We currently are loving Super Thrive here at WallyGro HQ!