Product Install

Wally Pocket Install 

1. Pick a location that is suitable for plants that has an appropriate amount of natural light or full spectrum UV grow lighting.

2. Using a level, measure and mark your drill holes. Horizontal grommet spacing on all Wally pockets is 22 inches wide. To create a flush living wall, vertical spacing is 13 inches high. Multiple pockets should share grommets and overlap; see diagram.

3. Use the included hardware for the appropriate wall type. Anchors must be used on drywall and have a weight limit of 50lbs per pocket. Contact a local contractor for information on drilling into special substrates.

4. If installing drip irrigation, refer to the irrigation instructions. Install the irrigation line behind the Wally Pocket’s tongue (back flap). Test the entire system prior to adding soil. Adjust drip lines so that they sit at the top of the pocket, behind the tongue; drip lines should not bow into soil.

5. Fill the pocket half way with premium soil. Soak the rootball in a bucket filled with room temperature water to refeed plant roots and prevent transplant shock. Once fully saturated, plant firmly against Wally’s tongue. If using multiple Wally’s, plant from the top row down. Top off soil so that rootballs are covered and soil comes up to no more than ½ inch from the front of the pocket.

6. Water Wally’s tongue with 3 cups of water per pocket; Wally’s must be watered with a precision watering device to prevent water saturation on the breathable front of pocket. If Wally’s breathable front becomes damp or drips, water more carefully with less water the next time.


Wally Eco Fence Install